June 2, 2020

#18 Josh Seiden: How to create clarity with outcomes thinking

In this conversation, Josh Seiden gives a masterclass on clear thinking and how to create order out of the chaos that surrounds any creative endeavor. His most recent book, Outcomes Over Output, has become one of my favorite resources for creating clarity and is a book I think ought to be read by every person bringing something new into the world.

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Twitter @jseiden


Explore these Resources

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

Josh Seiden -Twitter &websiteJosh's book:Outcomes Over OutputsSense & Respond Press

Ryan Jacoby -Making Progress

Alan CooperAbout FaceGoal Directed Design

Eric Ries -The Lean Startup

Alexander Osterwalder -Business Model Canvas

Jeff Gothelf - Lean UX Canvas

Risks dashboard - Giff Constable

Nicole Rufuku

The Logic Model Framework (see page 3 for summary)

Feature Factory

Melissa Perri -The Build Trap

David Marquet - Intent Based Leadership

Steven Bungay - The Art of Action

Taproot Foundation

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