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Immediate Impact

Listened to one episode and immediately turned around to use the wisdom contained as a reference in order to better convey to my organization my intentions and role as the sole product manager. (Ubuntu)

Best Product podcast I’ve found

I stumbled onto this podcast when searching for a particular guest. I have been binging on the series ever since enjoying them all in different ways. The expanse of topics is terrific, the guests are all very engaging and interesting, and the host does a terrific job at keeping the conversation flowing, often challenging the guests in a very positive way which leads to a deeper conversation overall

A must-listen!

Love this podcast! The excellent conversations that Andrew has with his guests here on Make Things That Matter are consistently engaging, insightful, and actionable. No matter the topic, I gain something from every episode. Highly recommend!

5 stars

Incredible podcast. Each episode is insightful and goes surprisingly deeper than I would’ve expected. The host is great.

Andrew gets it right

So much wisdom and heart in Andrew’s podcast. He totally gets modern product fundamentals and is positive and productive without sugar coating the work, effort and growth involved…..If you want a real-deal product brain on your side ——Andrew is your person!!

Terrific Show!

Now these are the kind of podcasts I really should be listening to! Great insights, excellent host with wonderful guests!

Quality Guests & Fantastic Host

I listen to a lot of startup & product podcasts, and I’m super happy with the guests and insights on this show.

Great show about the craft of product

Solid guests and a great interviewer. Happy to have been turned onto this

Love this show!

This is a wonderfully informative show! I love Andrew’s inquisitive interview style and the caliber of guest that he brings on the show.

Mash-up mix of inspiration

This series is the perfect mash-up mix of inspiration, intelligent conversation, best practices, and innovative foreshadowing of what’s ahead, with a relatable host. I always get something I wasn’t expecting!

Best product podcast

I have tried a number of product podcast and this is hands down the best one. Very informative and conversational. You can tell Andrew does his research to ask good questions and go deep.

Rare feat of listening attentively to a 1hr podcast

You hear it everywhere. We listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed, and are often multitasking at the same. This podcast achieves that rare feat of discussing complex topics with meaningful grounded insights that you really need to pause, think, and chew over.

Excellent interviewer, totally different style

Smart guests given opportunities to shine by an interviewer who really channels his curiosity as a superpower! Some of my fav episodes are the ones with Nilofer Merchant and Natalie Nagele.

Top notch pod

Brilliant host, brilliant guests, brilliant insights.

Great show!

If you are interested in Product Management, personal growth, positive leadership or positive tech, you really need to give this a listen! Andrew asks insightful questions and his relaxed conversational style makes for an entertaining hour.

Great Show!

Wonderful selection of guest and super stimulating conversations. So much food for thought. I’ll definitely be listening for the long haul!

Cuts to the chase

These are stories that dive deep, thus providing real substance to feed from. The stories from these leaders often go under the radar, but can feed the fabric of the business, entrepreneur and corporate worlds! Sit back ... take a listen ... and enjoy.

This podcast is perfect for everyone!

Even if you don’t manage large teams or plan to start your own business, this podcast offers so much value. The thoughtful conversations Andrew has with his guests often go to deep, philosophical, and fascinating places. If you want to amplify your experience as a human, check out this podcast.

Forward thinking and worth an hour of your day.

Get inspired, learn how others level up, and just enjoy the ride!

Deep Dives into Building Great Products and Teams

This is not your average snack sound byte. Deep investigations with experts to understand topics like culture, motivations, and building high-functioning teams that create products people love. Highly recommend!


My go-to source of weekly product-building inspiration!

It's about life.

These podcasts are not some dry review about how run a business/team more efficiently, these podcasts are about how to be a better human. Relationships, be it with management or within a team or with costumers, is what makes a good business. These first three podcasts dive into three very different approaches to the same goal, but the underling thread in all of them is about being a better person and by doing so, being better in business/projects/life will follow.

Principled & actionable

I'm thrilled that this is combining deep inquiry into the principles of building great orgs/products, along with making it actionable!

Fantastic find for a new podcast

I love this already. Really impressed at the depth of the conversations. And it’s helping me imagine what my work and future companies could look like. Keep them coming!