June 16, 2020

#19: Dan Gould — Fighting unconscious bias and attacking systemic problems with entrepreneurship

Dan Gould is a prolific technologist and serial entrepreneur. In this conversation, we dive into the issues of unconscious bias and systemic inequality that have shaped our society, and we tactically discuss how one can attack systemic problems effectively as an entrepreneur.

Get the full show notes, transcript, and resources here: https://bit.ly/DanGouldENLIVEN

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People, books, companies, resources etc mentioned in episode

BiasSync Dan Gould Michele Ruiz Robin Richards

Key concepts Unconscious Bias Humanism Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Microaggressions Cognitive Science System 1 & 2 thinking (Daniel Kahneman) The doll test Information theory Customer development Gall's Law - complex working systems evolve from simple working systems Land & expand "First, ten" - Seth Godin

Books & resources Blindspot White Fragility Thinking, Fast and Slow Harvard Implicit Bias test Onlyness The Lean Startup Outcomes Over Output Testing Business Ideas Other episodes Josh Seiden: How to create clarity and lead strategically with outcomes thinking (#18) Holly Hester-Reilly: Building a customer-centric team and product culture (#16) Rich Mironov: Building a thriving product organization (#5)

People & organizations BiasSync Doug Englebart Andy van Dam Daniel Kahneman Brown University Computer Graphics Group Adrian Scott - Ryze Nilofer Merchant - see ENLIVEN episode (not yet released) Dolly Chugh - "be a good-ish person" Steve Blank Eric Ries  Emily Oster

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