Nov. 3, 2020

#29: One year of the podcast! And a new show name.

Wow, it's been a year of the podcast! So much has happened. Acknowledging the anniversary ep — which happens to be on election day in the USA — and announcing an upcoming name change for the show.

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All year one episodes:

  1. May Lindstrom: The power of having a North Star (#1) 
  2. Barry O’Reilly: Unlearning and creating culture change (#2) 
  3. Christina Wodtke: Unleashing potential with extraordinary teams (#3) 
  4. Marshall Mosher: tough product calls, acclimating to fear & what it feels like to be Iron Man (#4) 
  5. Rich Mironov: Building a thriving product organization (#5) 
  6. Barry Brown: Shaping the shapers (#6) 
  7. Becky Baybrook: culture, candor, and how Millenials are changing management (#7) 
  8. Paula Daniels: Living on the edge of your own invention (#8) 
  9. Amy Edmondson: Building teams where people feel safe (#9) 
  10. Susan Basterfield: decentralized team structures and participatory decision-making (#10) 
  11. Rian Doris & Conor Murphy: Flow — Cultivating the optimal experience of life (part 1) (#11) 
  12. Rian Doris & Conor Murphy: Flow — Cultivating the optimal experience of life (part 2) (#12) 
  13. Muriel Clauson: The Future of Work — identity, engagement, and being future-ready (#13) 
  14. Derik Mills: Cultivating a faculty of wonder in business and life (#14) 
  15. Sam Fankuchen: Leadership and responding to the needs of the world in a time of crisis (#15) 
  16. Holly Hester-Reilly: Building a customer-centric team and product culture (#16) 
  17. Dr Matthew Cook: Beating trauma, identity shifts, and continually recreating who you are (#17) 
  18. Josh Seiden: How to create clarity and lead strategically with outcomes thinking (#18) 
  19. Dan Gould: Fighting unconscious bias and attacking systemic problems with entrepreneurship (#19) 
  20. Nilofer Merchant: Unleashing Onlyness to benefit from the ideas and potential in every person (#20) 
  21. April Dunford: Find your power in the market through positioning (#21) 
  22. Pam Fox Rollin: How to be a decisive leader who helps people come alive (#22) 
  23. Soushiant Zanganehpour: Solving systemic problems with social entrepreneurship (#23) 
  24. Laura Garnett: Find your zone of genius and never fear a job search again (#24) 
  25. Karl Kuhnert: How to find strength in vulnerability and live your values as a leader (#25) 
  26. David Dylan Thomas: Understand cognitive bias to create positive impact in your work (#26) 
  27. Hope Gurion: What nobody told you about being a product leader (#27) 
  28. Rob Walling: Build a great business and let that be enough (#28) 

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