Dec. 31, 2019

#7 Becky Baybrook: culture, candor, and how Millenials are changing management

In this conversation, Becky and I dig deep into workplace culture. We explore some vexing questions around belonging and psychological safety, how Millenials are changing management. One area that I think listeners will find especially useful is a discussion we have about what the elements that make up workplace culture, and tactically, how you can get a good read on a culture from the outside if you're considering working with an organization.

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Books, companies, etc mentioned

The Beak of the Finch

Crucial Conversations - Becky especially recommends chapter 5, "On Safety" to broach challenging topics

Vital Smarts communication training

Radical Candor

Principles,Bridgewater Associates, Radical Transparency (TED Talk), and Ray Dalio

Psychological safety

The Empowered Manager

Mind the Product conference

Matt LeMay


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